Claymore is an anime about “Claymores”. Claymores are girls (there used to be dudes) who are half-human half-Yoma(aka demon). They chose to be a Claymore after tragedy struck them, such as Yoma eating their family’s guts and orphaning them. They have lots of powers but if they push themselves over a limit, they become a super-demon themselves. What irony. What this means is lots and lots of tragedy and sadness throughout anime.

Action in the anime is decent, imo. Nothing much that’ll make you go “WOW” unless the only anime you ever watch is Naruto crap. There is much blood and gore though, given the story of monsters eating guts and stuff.

Now, let’s move on to why I love about this anime: The story. My favourite story is the story of “Teresa of the Faint Smile” (episodes 5~8). It’s a very sad, tragic story that will absolutely break your heart. Damn, after finishing the whole show, I still can’t stop feeling sorry for her. Teresa isn’t just the only one with a tragic story to tell. Every Claymore has her own little sad story to tell. A beautiful story which explains their actions or powers.

The story’s amazing. So compelling that I watched the last 20 episodes or so in one day. (No, I’m no Otaku or Hikikomori) But the last 2 episodes kinda sucked. ‘Cause they’re independent I guess. If you wish to continue the story, start from volume 12 of the manga. I’ll give this anime an 8/10!

Download it here.


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