Karas Anime Review

Basically, Karas is the coolest anime ever. No anime can surpass Karas in any aspect. I watched this anime and I was totally blown away. Karas isn’t just an anime. It’s a work of art, that took many many anime artists years to perfect. Karas is the Mona Lisa of the anime world. Perfect, yet available cheaply in your local anime DVD store!

Karas, as an action anime, has the coolest fight scenes ever. Forget Bleach. Bleach’s fight sequences are too repetitive and boring. Compared to Karas, it’s a snore.
Karas Fight Scene
Just look at that! OMG. That just makes me want to jump at someone, and give him a Karasy kick! Heeeya! One flaw is that the anime’s fighting doesn’t quite make sense (even in anime-sense). But hey! It’s cool! How cares?

Now, let me tell you why Karas is a work of art. The world in Karas is drawn with so much detail that it’s almost real. Every effort is put in by the producers to make every scene amazingly vivid and realistic.
Karas Scene
A great example is the screenie above. Don’t you wonder why Japan seems very empty, quiet and cold in animes? When it’s not that way in real life? Well, because most anime artists are lazy. That’s why even cities are empty, except for 1 or 2 extras. It’s not easy to draw lots of people in anime. Takes a lot of effort. And that scene alone must have taken the artists weeks to draw. When watching Karas, do pay attention to the details in every scene and compare it to your daily dose of animes. You’ll be pretty surprised at the huge difference!

Karas Scene 2

The only drawback is the story. Don’t get me wrong. The story is amazing, highly believable and very interesting. The problem is, at only 6 episodes (only 4 released so far), it’s squeezed a bit too tightly. It takes 3+ re-views to fully understand the plot. This sounds scary, but, it’s not really that hard. Watching it again allows you to find things you missed out initially. A lot of fun for me!

I’d say this anime gets 9.5/10. A must-watch for everyone, not just anime junkies!

Download it for free here.



  1. Karas rules,
    best anime i’ve seen in years.

  2. I didn’t really like Karas because of it’s confusing storys and somewhat silent fight secnes. But that’s just mean. But good animation does not make a good anime. Yes the anime is very vivid and the art style is very original but it doesn’t make it awsome. I think it’s more worthy of a 7.5/10 not a 9.5.

  3. Never watched it but from the way you’re saying thing s about it, it might be worthy of being checked out. I guess I’ll watch it.

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